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task management tools

We Went Speed-Dating to Find the Perfect (and Free) Project/Task Management Platform

Download our free scorecard of every task management platform we tested to see which tool is best for you and your day-to-day needs.


6 Note-Taking Methods and the Apps That Make Them Easy

Here are 6 note-taking methods for every type of situation, from planning marketing events to taking meeting notes.


7 Simple Gmail Tricks to Help You Get Out of Your Inbox Faster

Wouldn’t it be nice to be here instead of in your inbox? You get into work, you have a plan to attack your day, you open your inbox, and the next […]


3 Chrome Tips That Will Put 5 Hours Back in Your Week

Less time organizing, more time doing. How much time of your day do you spend working online? How much of that time is spent bouncing between sites, emails, calendars, and notes? […]


INFOGRAPHIC: 5-Step Planning Method for Goal-Setting With Executives

Rockstar executive-assistant Chelsey Lewis recently published a series of articles on goal setting: “Go Get ’Em: Goal Setting for the Executive Assistant” and “Executive Assistants: Why You Should Be Setting […]


Creating SOPs: You’ve made your SOP, here’s how to effectively execute

Your how-to guide for activating your SOP (standard operating procedure). You’ve put in the time to understand a process, you found ways to make it more efficient, and you’ve documented […]


12 Tips for Creating Effective SOPs

SOPs are a lantern on a dark night, a clearing in the fog, a bridge across a river, a map in unknown territory. You get it, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) […]

settings goals as an EA

Executive Assistants: Why you should be Setting Goals with Your Executive — And How

Executive Assistant objectives should always be discussed with your executive. You are an extension of your executive, her right hand. Her goals are your goals. Understanding where you are going […]


Go Get ’Em: Goal Setting for Executive Assistants

Goal setting for executive assistants is second-nature. You spend your day helping your executive reach her goals; you take the time to understand her priorities and how they tie back […]

calendar audit report

The Power of a Calendar Audit

We are all looking for that one productivity app, that one life hack, that will give us more time to work on the things that are important to us. But […]


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