Modernizing the Way
Executive Assistants Work., Communicate., Manage Tasks., Make Decisions., Access Information., Get Ahead., Lead.

Base is revolutionizing the way assistants and executives work together. By providing tools and technology tailored to the executive work style, Base is maximizing the impact of support professionals everywhere.

Not Just Another Productivity Tool

Base is the first ever platform built specifically for executive assistants. As key influencers, it’s time for support professionals to have a single, robust platform where they can manage all of their day-to-day responsibilities.

Performance Guaranteed

Within Base, executive assistants are able to streamline operations and simplify communications to keep executives better informed and thoroughly prepared.

A Foundation for Positive Change

By shifting the EA focus to strategic projects, Base gives support professionals the ability to leverage their unique skills and vast knowledge in more meaningful ways.

Base Officially Launches with $2.6M in Seed FundingRead More