The Only Platform Built for Assistants

You work in upwards of 10 different tools a day. Base is the first one built for you.

Base: Software built for assistants

“Base has been an essential tool for making the transition to remote support [during COVID-19] possible.”

Base's elite platform is built for assistants to succeed in supporting executives—from anywhere. No interrupted workflows, simply faster, more efficient ways to do your job.

Align to your executive's goals.

Our free 30-Day Challenge helps assistants align to their executive's goals through streamlined communication in a platform built for assistants.

Get the answers you need in a single send.

Take questions and updates (and random items that pop up) from Slack, email, calendars, and everywhere else you communicate and create a single Q&A stream to push to executives.

Store executive information in a single, secure location

Executive information shouldn’t live in several third-party apps. We help organize preferences, habits, key contacts, software, and more in a dedicated hub.