The Only Platform Built for Assistants

You work in upwards of 10 different tools a day. Base is the first one built for you.

Base: Software built for assistants

“Base has been an essential tool for making the transition to remote support [during COVID-19] possible.”

Base's elite platform is built for assistants to succeed in supporting executives—from anywhere. No interrupted workflows, simply faster, more efficient ways to do your job.

Put 4+ hours back into your week

Our 2020 Executive Assistant Survey reported that assistants who have a regular digest cadence are happier, more effective, and less stressed. See how this assistant put 4+ hours back into her week using our Digest tool.

Get the answers you need in a single send.

Take questions and updates (and random items that pop up) from Slack, email, calendars, and everywhere else you communicate and create a single Q&A stream to push to executives.

Store executive information in a single, secure location

Executive information shouldn’t live in several third-party apps. We help organize preferences, habits, key contacts, software, and more in a dedicated hub.