Supporting Executive Assistants as they Go Remote, Lead Through Service, Navigate Change, Help Each Other

Base exists to help Executive Assistants succeed in their role – to support their executives through courageous help and ambitious growth like never before. Our app, built to help assistants focus on what matters most, is enhanced by comprehensive resources curated especially for EAs in this moment. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible to lead.

Get Started For Free

A free plan is in the works! Until then, we’re offering an extended free trial of our single-user plan.

Built For Your Needs, Right Now

The first ever software built specifically for executive assistants, Base supports the core responsibilities of an EA while accommodating the unique work style of executives. Within Base, assistants are handed the tools of elite EAs: clear and relevant updates through digests customized to your exec, the simplest way to get your revolving list of questions answered, comprehensive preference and critical information storage, and streamlined reporting that makes you look like a data wizard.

Remote or In-Person, Communication Is Key

Within Base, executive assistants are able to streamline operations and simplify communications to keep executives better informed and thoroughly prepared, no matter where they are.

A Higher Focus

The best assistants are strategic partners to their executives. Built to leverage industry-wide best practices, Base helps remove the mundane and frees up assistants to leverage their unique skills and vast knowledge to support their executives with proactive – not reactive – support.