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How Important Is To Trust Your Executive Assistant

Why Trust Matters More Than You Think When you’ve got an Executive Assistant (EA), building solid trust isn’t just nice to have—it’s essential. Trust is what makes the relationship work […]


5 Tips to Balance Work and Well-Being as an Executive

In the demanding arena of executive leadership, maintaining a balance between relentless professional demands and personal well-being is crucial. This blog post delves into effective self-care strategies that help busy […]


Should I Hire an Executive Assistant or a Chief of Staff?

The life of an executive or managing partner can be filled with demands that often feel like a tidal wave crashing down. From managing schedules to handling communications, the sheer […]


Celebrating Administrative Professionals Week

Happy Administrative Professionals Week! As we honor the critical contributions of Executive Assistants (EAs), we’re excited to revisit some of the most viewed webinars from last year’s Admin Week that […]


5 AI Tools to Transform Your Meetings into Efficiency Powerhouses

In today’s fast-paced business environment, efficiency during meetings is more critical than ever. Leveraging AI tools can streamline meeting processes, from transcribing notes to organizing action items. Here are five […]


Maximizing Morning Routines: The Executive’s Guide to Starting the Day Right

In the high-stakes world of executive leadership, morning routines are more than just the start of the day; they’re a strategic tool for enhancing productivity and focus. A well-structured morning […]

What a Decade of Entrepreneurship Taught Me

Today marks a decade since I left my comfy corporate job and ventured out to start something new with Paige McPheely. I vividly remember turning in my company car and […]

AI & Executive Assistants: Why Humans are Here to Stay

AI is going to replace all assistants.  EAs cannot compete with AI. I am hearing comments like these with increasing consistency but I couldn’t disagree more.  To be clear, I’m […]

work remotely

6 Strategies for CEOs and Executives to Build a Professional Network Remotely

Remote work isn’t (and shouldn’t) go anywhere anytime soon but it does mean we need new muscles for building and nurturing connections with peers, mentors, and mentees. I’ve never been […]

executive assistants

What is a C-Level Executive Assistant and Why Do They Matter?

In today’s fast-paced corporate world, the role of a C-Level Executive Assistant (EA) is increasingly pivotal. Not just a supporting role, a C-Level EA acts as a strategic partner, contributing […]

time tracking apps

6 Top Time Tracking Apps for CEOs in 2024

As a CEO, your time is your most valuable asset and everyone seems to want a piece of it. Somehow you need to build and lead a great team, represent […]

5 Effective Ways to Inspire and Energize Your Workforce

5 Effective Ways to Inspire and Energize Your Team

As the workplace continues to evolve, strong leadership is more important than ever. Gone are the days of commoditized labor. If you expect strong performance (as you should), your employees […]

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