Career-centered learning & development for growth-minded assistants.

Learn, reflect, and connect with other Executive Assistants on how to leverage skills, strengthen relationships, and amplify impact.

Reach new career heights.

Through virtual cohort sessions, our workshops enable you to learn new skills through a mix of exercises, peer collaboration, and supportive discussions.

Renew your purpose.

With content developed specifically for EAs, you’ll walk away with both tangible frameworks to excel in your role and a renewed confidence in your impact.

Build a support network.

Learn and grow alongside a small group of your EA peers who can relate to your challenges, offer advice, and become your go-to support system.

Turn knowledge into tangible impact.

50+ participants have gained a renewed sense of purpose, stronger peer connections, and the know-how to apply learnings immediately.

Development experiences exclusively for EAs.

Our workshops cover various topics to help you navigate whatever season you’re in and leverage your strengths into truly strategic partnerships.

Winning partnerships

Build and foster a winning partnership with your executive, so you can both focus on what you do best, encourage growth, and create the highest impact together.

Demystifying managing up

“Managing up” is an expectation, but lacks clear direction. We’ll break it down into practical steps, helping you speak up and share ideas with confidence.

Getting feedback to grow

Discover how to ask the right questions, at the right time, for the right reasons, so you can initiate and navigate challenging feedback to grow in your role.

Boundaries and burnout

Recognize the EA-specific risks of burnout and gain the practical skills to identify, set, and maintain the individual boundaries you need to avoid it.

Prioritization and saying no

Learn how to identify your needs and clarify the gray areas of being “the fixer”. Uncover ways to establish guardrails for yourself — without sacrificing excellence.

“I love the collaborative nature of the workshops! Hearing from others and being able to ask specific questions in real time is incredibly helpful. I also really liked how interactive it was. Participants got to speak and get involved and that made it great.”
Cassie T.
Executive Assistant


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