Celebrating Administrative Professionals Day: Rockstars elevating the businesses they support

At Base, we’re creating the first solution built specifically for modern Executive Assistants. For the first time, EAs have a suite of productivity tools tailored to the rigors of the executive work style. Our team is extremely passionate about connecting the community of executive support professionals and building a foundation for positive change in the industry, which is why we’re thrilled to share features of rockstar administrative professionals!

We asked our Base Community to nominate administrative professionals that are crushing their goals and providing invaluable support to executives and team members. (Spoiler: All nominations were accepted—everybody wins here!)

Take a look at how these businesses are succeeding due in part to their administrative talent. If you’d like to highlight an administrative professional, sign up for our Community and join our network of rockstars.

Part of the leadership team: Mary Ryan, EA to CMO at Conga and HR Operations Specialist

In addition to Mary’s responsibilities as an EA to Conga’s CMO and as an HR Operations Specialist, Mary has a significant role in the marketing department. She leads several marketing initiatives and serves as a strategic resource to the team.

“My work environment is a huge contributor to my professional success and emotional well-being. My boss, and friend, Daniel Incandela, CMO at Conga, is always looking for ways to help me climb the ladders I need to find growth and success. In addition, he allows me to bring ideas to the company by giving me a seat at the table of our Marketing Leadership team and makes sure I’m empowered to run with projects and new endeavors as much as I’d like.”

— Mary Ryan

Female mentorship for the win: Emily Czarnecki, EA to CEO at Torchlite

Emily, an executive assistant to Torchlite CEO Susan Marshall, loves working in a female-driven environment that empowers her to go the extra mile with each new goal and initiative.

“Susan has helped me develop a voice and encourages me to express my opinion and ideas. Stepping out of my comfort zone has helped me excel and take on new projects. She is all about empowering women and helping women to succeed, encourages me to ask questions, be curious, and even ask for a raise.”

— Emily Czarnecki

Empathy and ambition: Alisha Brooks, Office Manager at PactSafe

The executive team at SaaS-business PactSafe sings Alisha’s praises for her hard work and ambition, crediting her as the glue that keeps the office together: “Alisha is amazing for our team. She toils over every detail that makes PactSafe tick, and has executed on important events so well that we are always looking for new ways to plug her in.”

Entrepreneurial spirit: Mallory Underwood, Founder at Hartewood Professionals

Mallory is the Founder of Hartewood Professionals, an agency that helps entrepreneurs and small business owners manage operations, project management, and customer service.

 “I believe fulfillment in your career stems from meaningful human connections. In business you can achieve that through exceptional customer experiences. As an EA (or VA), you get the unique position of intimately molding relationships into fulfilling ones through your work both with your client and with their clients.”

—Mallory Underwood

One of Mallory’s clients is Creative Quarterback, a marketing agency that creates and executes high-touch campaigns for both small businesses and enterprises:

Open communication=elevated performance: Loretta Hirsch, EA to CEO at Sapphire Strategy

New in her role as an EA to Sapphire Strategy CEO Jenn Lisak, Loretta already feels as though her career is being nurtured and developed through a transparent and encouraging work environment.

“Jenn empowers me with time, resources, and techniques to solve big issues with big ideas instead of band-aids and checklists. We integrate open communication so we achieve the highest level of performance.

Individual learning and development is encouraged, professional and personal growth is rewarded. As a team we have constant interaction so we succeed or fail together, creating tight bonds of loyalty to the company and each other. I’m inspired and excited to come to work and perform well every day.”

—Loretta Hirsch

Jenn also shares specifics behind she and Loretta’s open and growing working relationship: “The relationship is dependent on mutual respect and understanding; communication must be symbiotic and overflowing. I not only need to provide constructive direction but praise and freedom so she feels empowered to do what she needs to do. While our relationship is still developing, I’m excited to see how we will help each other grow and evolve over time.”

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Written by Bryn Smith

Bryn is the Senior Manager of Brand and Product Marketing at Base, where she is on a mission to build a world-class EA community by connecting them with top-notch thought leaders, invaluable resources, and cutting-edge insights.