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EA Toolbox: Get More Email Responses With These Tools

Writing respond-able emails is an art. It’s not just the subject line or the email content; it’s when the email is received, and how you follow-up on the email. Lucky for us, there are several tools out there to help manage these processes and help you get more responses.


The Extra Mile: Recurring Reminders

Save yourself some time later (and make a great impression on your executive) with recurring reminders!


You’re Worth It! Convincing Your Executive to Invest in You

As an EA, you have to be comfortable in a service role; but we all know you also need to be confident and take charge of any situation to get the job done.


EA Best Practices: Naming Calendar Holds

Here are some best practices that will help you create clear and useful subject lines for calendar invitations.


The Small Details: Sending Emails on Your Schedule

Scheduling your emails helps ensure you can work when it’s best for you, rather than when it’s best for the recipient.


Pen and Paper: The Benefits of Physical Note Taking

Taking notes with pen and paper isn’t a dead skill— and it shouldn’t be! Ditch your laptop in your next meeting and see if these benefits prove true for you.


Using Base to Create Effective Email Digests

Creating effective email digests is a piece of cake with Base! We're sharing a quick walk through of Base's digest builder.


Top 5 Calendar Tools That Will Make You More Productive

There’s no shortage of tools to make scheduling appointments more efficient. It’s worth setting aside some time to try a few out and find one that works best for you and your exec's calendar!


The Ideal Week Worksheet

Your ideal week is out there. Here's how to get it!


The Small Details: Get Your Grammar in Check

We’ve all received a poorly written email, full of spelling and grammar mistakes that make us question the abilities of the writer. How can you make sure your emails are […]


6 Free Tools to Boost Your Design Skills

These 6 tools will level up your design skills, help you create great graphics, and (bonus!) they're FREE!


Sending Handwritten Cards Has Never Been Easier!

Sending a thank you email is easy and quick—but sometimes, only a handwritten thank you note will do. If sending physical greeting cards is something you do often, using a […]


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