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As an independent contractor, maintain a calendar within your boundaries. Find the right organization, control your time, and access a network of EA support.

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Base EA placement opens that door, giving you freedom over your working style with a competitive salary and benefits package.

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“From the moment I started working with Base, it was apparent that I was joining an All-Star Team! In a virtual world, Base has gone to extensive lengths to develop a tightknit community of top talent that makes it easy to get your work done while also providing connections that match you and your work style. Base provides a stellar foundation of trust, boldness and the entrepreneurial spirit that helps you to grow not only in your career, but also as a person.”
Stephanie T.
Freelance Executive Assistant


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Learn, reflect, and connect with other Executive Assistants on how to leverage skills, strengthen relationships, and amplify impact.

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Base equips you with the tools, training, and support to be more efficient and lead an impactful career. Connect with us to discover your next career opportunity, grow your network, hone your skills, and more.