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Microsoft Teams + Base: A Faster Way to Share and Organize Information

Share messages in Teams, and organize Teams messages into tasks, questions, and notes when you connect your Base account with Microsoft Teams.


Getting Out From Behind the Desk with Lindsay Robinson

Featuring Lindsay Robinson, a 20+ year veteran Executive Assistant currently at LinkedIn / Episode #17


Championing the Admin Industry as a People Industry with Liv Wilson

Featuring Liv Wilson, Senior EA to the Head of APAC at Slack / Episode #16


3 Ways to Be a Powerhouse Executive Assistant

Learn the attributes of a top-performing assistant from inspiring EA thought leaders, Lynn Walder, Natalie Lee, and Kristine Valenzuela


Creating the Communities You Need with Kelsey Mendenhall

Featuring Kelsey Mendenhall, Executive Assistant at Hims & Hers Health / Episode #15


A Guide To Executive Calendar Management

Apply effective calendar management principles to your daily calendar work to keep your Executive happy and on track!

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6 Inbox Management Tips from Experienced EAs

EAs share 6 brilliant tips to keep your leader’s inbox clean and efficient for the long run, achieving inbox zero time and time again.

4 Key Principles to Great Inbox Management

4 Key Principles to Great Inbox Management

EA Training manager Sara Altuna shares four inbox management principles to help assistants declutter, organize and keep their leaders’ inboxes efficient for the long run.


Creating the Future of Work for Assistants and Leaders at Base: an update from Paige McPheely, CEO

Base CEO Paige McPheely shares how Base is becoming the modern solution for assistants with the successful onboarding of 33Vincent to the newly-refreshed Base brand.


Using Your Voice to Build Connected Partnerships with Monique Helstrom

Featuring Monique Helstrom, Keynote speaker and former Executive Assistant and "Chief of Simon Sinek" / Episode #14


Understanding and Communicating the Value You Bring with Kristine Valenzuela

Featuring Kristine Valenzuela, a 20+ year EA and Chief of Staff / Episode #13


Executive Assistant SMART Goal Examples

How assistants can set SMART goals and achieve more in the workplace


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