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The Extra Mile: AtYourGate

AtYourGate is an in-airport delivery service—think Uber Eats for the airport. Download the app and order your executive’s favorite airport meal to be delivered to their gate as they are boarding.


Travel Management: The 3 Types of Executives

Managing travel for another person can be challenging. We all have our own preferences for how things are booked, how we are informed, and how involved we want to be in the decision making process. As no executive is the same, finding out how yours prefers to approach travel will be important when planning her trips.


The Small Details: Email to Slack Integration

Gmail and Outlook users can take collaboration one step further by integrating their email with Slack.


Minimizing Distractions In The Workplace

Distractions bombard the average person in the workplace every day. At times, the very tools that we use to help us connect with our teams can become a distraction. While it is not possible to eliminate all distractions, there are steps that can be taken to deal with them and reclaim your day.


How to Conquer Decision Fatigue

It can be fatiguing to make the right choices when there are multiple options and priorities. How can you keep your head (and keep breathing) in the middle of all the demands coming your way? Here’s one way.


Manage Up! Being Proactive, Consultative, Strategic & Confident

Managing up means being proactive, consultative, strategic, and confident. It’s the skill that will take your role and support to the next level. Here is a high-level look at the most important components of managing up.


Which Headset is Right for You?

Whether you work in a bustling open-plan office or from your living room, having the right headset can make or break your working experience. The options out there are endless—we’ve narrowed down a few options for you. Depending on your needs and space, one of these may be great for you!


Tee It Up: Drafting Emails for Your Executive

If you have direct access to your executive’s inbox, teeing up email drafts for them is a game changer.


5 Tips For Creating Effective Meeting Agendas

As an executive assistant, part of your job is to work out the details so that your executive can focus on the bigger picture. An essential part of this is meeting preparation, including creating effective meeting agendas.


The Small Details: Send + Archive Button in Gmail

Enable the “Send & Archive” button in Gmail to save yourself extra clicks and the time it takes to re-read emails you have already handled.


5 Tips For Planning Great Meetings

How can EAs help make meetings be a better use of everyone’s time? Here are 5 tips to help set up your team for great meetings.


Letterboards: Bringing Fun and Wit to an Office Near You

Letterboards can bring a bit of fun and wit into the workday!


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