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5 Event Management Tools

5 Event Management Tools That Will Save Your Sanity

Base has rounded up our top five choices for event management tools that can help you save time - and keep your sanity!


EA Spotlight: Sue Ann Curley

Base’s Spotlight Series highlights top performing Executive Assistants around the country! This week, we’re thrilled to get to know Office and Facilities Manager, Sue Ann Curley. Based in Menlo Park, California, Sue Ann has been an Executive Assistant for the past 25 years.

Text Expanders

EA Toolbox: Text Expanders

Managing email is a huge part of every Executive Assistant’s work day. Adding a text expander to your toolbox can help you manage email effectively.


The AI Series: How EAs Can Use AI to Automate Processes

Executive Assistants tend to manage a variety of routine tasks on a recurring basis. Repetitive tasks may not take a lot of effort, but are often time consuming and monotonous. The great news is that process automation is the perfect candidate for AI! All you have to do is identify the trigger for the process, and then teach AI the specific action to be taken.

The Proactivity Series

Staying Proactive As An Executive Assistant Part 2: Proactivity Basics

As an Executive Assistant, how do you start taking proactive action in your daily work? Once you’re used to being reactionary, changing your perspective and looking towards the future can be difficult. To help you change your habits and take charge, Base is here to help!


EA Spotlight: Mallory Greer

Base’s Spotlight Series highlights top performing Executive Assistants around the country! This week, we’re thrilled to get to know EA and Data Analyst, Mallory Greer. Based in Greenville, South Carolina, Mallory partners with a number of agencies including 33Vincent, Virtuous CRM, and Keller Williams Realty International.


Staying Proactive As An Executive Assistant Part 1: Fight Fires Efficiently

We all know that the most effective EAs are proactive, not reactive—but with so many incoming tasks, emails, and obstacles, it’s difficult to get past the fire-fighting stage. As an EA, putting out fires is part of the job, but it’s important to learn efficient ways to handle these scenarios while leaving space for proactivity.


The Small Details: The Importance of Pre-Work When Planning Successful Meetings

Pre-work is imperative when planning and executing successful meetings. As an Executive Assistant, it's your job to ensure that meeting attendees are thinking ahead about the topics that will be discussed, formulating ideas and solutions, and familiarizing themselves with the other participants. Successful pre-work will ensure participants feel invested in the meeting, engaged in the topics at hand, and connected to the other attendees.


Executive Assistant Calendar Management: Click-to-Call Numbers (mobile only)

As an executive assistant, it’s important to make working from a mobile device as easy as possible for the executive you support. One way to simplify scheduled phone calls is to use “click-to-call” numbers in Google Calendar holds.

Work Stress

How to Shake Work Stress and Decompress

It’s likely that you spend most of your day sitting at a desk, staring at a computer screen. Regardless of your desk set-up, eye strain and stress can leave you feeling exhausted and overworked. The real key to decompressing after an 8+ hour workday is finding what works best for you while sticking to three simple rules - saying no to screens, stimulating your senses, and finding activities you enjoy.


The AI Series: Why EAs Should Be Leveraging Artificial Intelligence

The world around us is becoming increasingly influenced by artificial intelligence, and the workplace is no different. By taking a strategic approach to AI, Executive Assistants can do their jobs more effectively and provide value in new and exciting ways. Check out these top reasons why EAs should consider leveraging AI!


Hello, Goodbye: Perfecting your email salutations and sign-offs

We talk a lot about how to write an effective email and how to get a response, but what really sets the tone for your email are the bookends: the salutations and sign-offs.


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