The Small Details: Click-to-Call Numbers in Google Calendar

Click-to-Call Numbers

We’ve come to rely on our mobile phones during the workday—from checking our calendars and inboxes to taking business calls on the go. As an executive assistant, it’s important to make working from a mobile device as easy as possible for the executive you support. One way to simplify scheduled phone calls is to use “click-to-call” numbers in Google Calendar holds.

One-on-One Calls

If your executive needs to initiate a phone call at a scheduled time, you can add the other attendee’s phone number (with any standard phone number format) in the “location” field of a Google Calendar hold. This will provide a clickable link for mobile phones. When your executive opens the event on his or her phone, all her or she has to do is click on the phone number to automatically dial. 

Click-to-Call Numbers

The link will work even if other words are included in the location field.  

Click-to-Call Numbers

Conference Calls

Calling in to conference calls requires you to dial not only a phone number but an access code as well. Using “click-to-call” for conference lines means your executive won’t have to worry about manually dialing either number. 

Just as with one-on-one calls, enter the phone number for the conference call into the location field. Follow the number immediately by two commas, the access code, and the # sign. 

See this example: 


When the link is clicked through a mobile phone, it will auto-dial the access code when the time is right. Your executive just has to wait for the meeting to start. 

Most conference call providers include dial links in their meeting invites. Copy and paste the link into the location field of your executive’s calendar hold to make it easy to access. 

Click-to-Call Numbers

So what are you waiting for? Start using “click-to-call” in your calendar holds to make calling into meetings as easy as possible for your executive.

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