How My Assistant Changed the Way I Work

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When I first dove into the executive assistant industry years ago, I knew that EAs were important gatekeepers—shielding executives from unimportant meetings and irrelevant information. But it took me years (longer than it should have), to admit that I needed an assistant myself. I’m detail-oriented, I keep my inbox count decently low, and I like to have control over my schedule. And perhaps more crucially, I didn’t always think my role deserved the support of an assistant. 

I’m writing this today to tell you I was wrong. 

I now know, without a doubt, that all high performers are doing themselves a disservice by not accepting at least some help from an assistant. The investment speaks for itself.

My EA, Natalie, has changed the way I work, think, and react throughout my day. She understands my goals, knows my weaknesses, and helps to point my focus where it belongs—on driving Base forward. It turns out checking my email 50+ times a day does not drive my business forward, nor does rescheduling travel, managing my calendar, or forgetting to eat lunch. By understanding my goals and how/when I work best, Natalie is able to craft my day to be as impactful as possible, which means less context switching, very little reactivity, and way more focused blocks of time.

I cannot understate the impact this has had on me and our business. In fact, I don’t know how we would have survived our recent fundraising efforts without Natalie there as my ally, gatekeeper, and second brain. Knowing what I know now, I want to bring this experience to as many high performers as possible. Just think of the impact that happier, more focused employees can have on their organizations and the world!

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If you’re like many executives I’ve worked with and don’t know where to start, or maybe don’t think it can fit into your budget, I’d love to troubleshoot with you. It likely can, and it absolutely should. 

If you’re already working with an assistant and would like to better maximize your relationship, let’s chat. I’m happy to share how Natalie and I work together within and beyond Base. 

Finally, if you think your assistant would like to use Base, I’d love to meet her or him. We have so many exciting things in the works, and I’d love your team to be a part of the journey.

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About the Author

Paige McPheely

Paige McPheely

Paige is Base's Founder and CEO. Through years of working with EAs, Paige has seen first hand the pain points support professionals face in their daily work – inadequate technology, manual processes, communication inefficiencies, and more. With the help of Base, she hopes to transform the way the world perceives giving and receiving help.