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Executive Assistant One-on-One Agenda Templates

Simple email templates for scheduling meetings for your Executive

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Task Efficiency for Executive Assistants: Time & Calendar Management

Maintain and efficient Executive calendar schedule with these tips


Executive Assistant Time Management Tools: Scheduling Email Templates

Use these simple email templates for scheduling meetings for your executive


The Small Details: The Importance of Pre-Work When Planning Successful Meetings

Pre-work is imperative when planning and executing successful meetings. As an Executive Assistant, it's your job to ensure that meeting attendees are thinking ahead about the topics that will be discussed, formulating ideas and solutions, and familiarizing themselves with the other participants. Successful pre-work will ensure participants feel invested in the meeting, engaged in the topics at hand, and connected to the other attendees.


The Extra Mile: AtYourGate

AtYourGate is an in-airport delivery service—think Uber Eats for the airport. Download the app and order your executive’s favorite airport meal to be delivered to their gate as they are boarding.


Travel Management: The 3 Types of Executives

Managing travel for another person can be challenging. We all have our own preferences for how things are booked, how we are informed, and how involved we want to be in the decision making process. As no executive is the same, finding out how yours prefers to approach travel will be important when planning her trips.


5 Tips For Creating Effective Meeting Agendas

As an executive assistant, part of your job is to work out the details so that your executive can focus on the bigger picture. An essential part of this is meeting preparation, including creating effective meeting agendas.


The Small Details: Sending Emails on Your Schedule

Scheduling your emails helps ensure you can work when it’s best for you, rather than when it’s best for the recipient.


TEMPLATE: Ideal Week Worksheet

Your ideal week is out there. Here's how to get it!


The Ideal Week Worksheet

Your ideal week is out there. Here's how to get it!

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7 Apps That Make Managing Executive Travel Easy

Managing travel is a skill, whether it be for yourself or for your executive. Having the know-how to find the best flights, best hotels, best restaurants, best travel perks isn’t […]


INFOGRAPHIC: Online Task Management Solution Scorecard

Find the Perfect (and Free) Project/Task Management Platform


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