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Work Stress

How to Shake Work Stress and Decompress

It’s likely that you spend most of your day sitting at a desk, staring at a computer screen. Regardless of your desk set-up, eye strain and stress can leave you feeling exhausted and overworked. The real key to decompressing after an 8+ hour workday is finding what works best for you while sticking to three simple rules - saying no to screens, stimulating your senses, and finding activities you enjoy.


The AI Series: Why EAs Should Be Leveraging Artificial Intelligence

The world around us is becoming increasingly influenced by artificial intelligence, and the workplace is no different. By taking a strategic approach to AI, Executive Assistants can do their jobs more effectively and provide value in new and exciting ways. Check out these top reasons why EAs should consider leveraging AI!


Hello, Goodbye: Perfecting your email salutations and sign-offs

We talk a lot about how to write an effective email and how to get a response, but what really sets the tone for your email are the bookends: the salutations and sign-offs.


Minimizing Distractions In The Workplace

Distractions bombard the average person in the workplace every day. At times, the very tools that we use to help us connect with our teams can become a distraction. While it is not possible to eliminate all distractions, there are steps that can be taken to deal with them and reclaim your day.


How to Conquer Decision Fatigue

It can be fatiguing to make the right choices when there are multiple options and priorities. How can you keep your head (and keep breathing) in the middle of all the demands coming your way? Here’s one way.


Manage Up! Being Proactive, Consultative, Strategic & Confident

Managing up means being proactive, consultative, strategic, and confident. It’s the skill that will take your role and support to the next level. Here is a high-level look at the most important components of managing up.


EA Best Practices: Naming Calendar Holds

Here are some best practices that will help you create clear and useful subject lines for calendar invitations.


The Small Details: Sending Emails on Your Schedule

Scheduling your emails helps ensure you can work when it’s best for you, rather than when it’s best for the recipient.


Pen and Paper: The Benefits of Physical Note Taking

Taking notes with pen and paper isn’t a dead skill— and it shouldn’t be! Ditch your laptop in your next meeting and see if these benefits prove true for you.


For Your Eyes Only: Confidentiality Tips for Executive Assistants

Handling sensitive information with professionalism will impress your executive and allow them to depend on you to help protect and grow their business.


EBOOK: Hands-on Guide to Creating & Executing Effective SOPs

Free tips for creating effective SOPs for your organization (that people will actually follow!)


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