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Power to Assistants: Work Smarter with Base + AI

Introducing Base’s Analyze 2.0: An upgraded calendar report to serve your analytics needs with the power of AI


3 Ways Executive Assistants Can Demonstrate Leadership

Learn how you can find and use your voice, build critical leadership skills, increase your visibility, and make positive impacts on your organization.


How to Integrate AI and Technology into Your Executive Assistant Role

Learn how you can effectively leverage technology to enhance your skills, stay ahead of the curve, and maximize your impact in the workplace.


What’s New in Base? Updates from 2022

In 2022, we introduced a set of new features and integrations to our all-in-one workspace to help EAs save time, streamline communication, and stay successful.


Microsoft Teams + Base: A Faster Way to Share and Organize Information

Share messages in Teams, and organize Teams messages into tasks, questions, and notes when you connect your Base account with Microsoft Teams.


Is Base The Right Tool For My EA Team?

Some of the ways Base is helping EA teams streamline work, coordinate effectively, and set consistent standards


How to Choose the Right Executive Assistant Software

Find a software that can help you stay organized and serve as a roadmap to your success


Base: SOC2 Compliant

Learn more about how Base is SOC2 Compliant


Base Live: End-of-Year Review Prep with Maggie Jacobs

In this Base Live event, Maggie will be discussing how to prep for your end of year review, plus the contents of her book, "The Elevated EA".


Base Demo: New Task, Inbox Features (and more!)

Our co-founder and head of product and engineering Jeremy Wight walks through each and how they integrate seamlessly into other Base features.


ON-DEMAND WEBINAR: Base Decision Stream

Give busy executives the ability to convey decisions in seconds.

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Base for Executives: Start your day focused with a single source of truth

No interrupted workflows, Base simply gets you the information you need in a dedicated place.


Modern solutions require modern voices.

Tune into our biweekly podcast, Courageous Help, to hear more about how EAs are changing the world left and right.

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