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Assistant tips: Base Digest helps CEO & her EA consolidate 6 tools into 1

"Base Digest has been an essential tool for making the transition to remote support possible."


How Digest Builder put 40+ minutes back into this EA’s day (an average of 4 hours/week!)

EA Leah Pallant began using Base’s Digest feature, which creates beautiful executive updates in minutes, giving EAs time back to focus on more strategic work.


Introducing Decision Stream

Base is thrilled to introduce our latest feature, Decision Stream! Decision Stream is a simple feed that gives busy executives the ability to communicate decisions in seconds.


Base Raises $2.6M in Seed Funding to Build the First-Ever Software Platform for Executive Assistants

Base, a SaaS platform built for executive assistants, today announced the completion of a $2.6M seed funding round. Base is modernizing the way assistants and executives work together by providing tools and technology tailored to the executive work style.


Using Base to Create Effective Email Digests

Creating effective email digests is a piece of cake with Base! We're sharing a quick walk through of Base's digest builder.


The Leader Assistant Podcast: All About Base!

We're big fans of Jeremy Burrows and all he does to uplift the EA community, so we were thrilled to be guests on his podcast, The Leader Assistant, this week!

email digests

Email Digests: Where to Start and How to Organize

Email digests are what you send to your executive on a set cadence that gives them a high-level, easy-to-consume view of their workload.


Modern solutions require modern voices.

Tune into our biweekly podcast, Courageous Help, to hear more about how EAs are changing the world left and right.

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