Is Base The Right Tool For My EA Team?

Base can help your EA team streamline processes, set consistent best practices, and work together more effectively — without the need to jump between multiple tools like Asana, Gmail, Dropbox, and Calendly. With our suite of features including Digest, Dossier, and Scheduler, Base can improve your team’s alignment and efficiency. 

So is Base the right tool for your team of executive assistants? You can use our all-in-one workspace of communication, scheduling, and organization tools built just for assistants to keep your team organized, aligned, and on track for success. 

Here are some of the ways Base is helping EA teams streamline work, coordinate effectively, and set consistent standards across a wide range of assistant responsibilities.

Streamline processes across your EA team 

With a growing team, it can be difficult to keep a pulse on each individual person’s processes and workflows. With Base features such as Digest’s shareable templates and Dossier’s centralized information, team leaders are able to set standard operating procedures across their organization. 

Not only does this reduce errors and busywork that can delay projects and communication, but it also keeps your team aligned as you scale, add new EA team members, or bring on temporary help during leaves of absence. 

These streamlined processes across your team of EAs also makes training easier, as new team members only have one software to learn for all work-related tasks!

Set consistent standards and best practices

When everyone on your EA team uses Base, you are able to provide consistency in the level of support provided to leaders across the organization. With Base’s Digest Builder, you can create templates for a wide variety of needs, from daily overviews to travel itineraries to quarterly goal tracking and more. 

But we also know how important it is for each EA team member to adapt to their leaders’ specific preferences. Base allows for that essential flexibility, too! Digest templates are able to be easily customized and adapted for different needs and use cases, whether that’s the time of day sent, delivery medium (email, text, Slack, etc.), or the hierarchy of information. 

Coordinate easily across your EA team

As your team scales, it’s important to ensure each team member stays in the loop with important updates and changes. With Base features such as Dossier and Scheduler, EA team members will always be in the know and up to date. 

Most importantly, Base’s Scheduler feature makes it easier for EA team members to stay on top of the constantly fluctuating schedules and meeting changes. Scheduler’s event history enables entire EA teams to see scheduling changes. Priorities and tags work as a quick visual cue for teams to know what’s important, what’s OK to reschedule, etc. 

Centralize important information

As your EA team scales, it’s imperative that you have a single source of truth for any major (and minor) details. With Base’s Dossier feature, your EA team has a central place to house all of this information, organized in the way that makes the most sense for you and your organization. 

Import notes, documents, and context from email and Slack so you and your EA team can always find what they need later. This collaborative hub of information not only ensures transitions, leaves of absence, and vacations are covered — but also enables new hires to ramp-up quickly and easily with all the important information and context at their fingertips. 

And most importantly, personal and confidential information is always safe in our hands. Base uses industry-best, market-leading security tools to protect your most sensitive information and data.  

Align your EA team with Base!

No matter the size, priorities, or workflows, Base has the tools to help your team maximize efficiency and alignment across the organization. 

Our all-in-one workspace of communication, scheduling, and organization tools built just for assistants will help EA team leaders keep the team organized, aligned, and on track for success. 

Ready to streamline your EA team? Get in touch today for a personalized demo and learn how 6,000+ assistants are using Base to work faster, smarter, and more collaboratively. 

Written by Bryn Smith

Bryn is the Senior Manager of Brand and Product Marketing at Base, where she is on a mission to build a world-class EA community by connecting them with top-notch thought leaders, invaluable resources, and cutting-edge insights.