Base for Executives: Start your day focused with a single source of truth

No interrupted workflows, simply getting you the information you need in a dedicated place.

Base is the only tool built for assistants, arming them with executive-level support so leaders can pull up their daily and weekly action items, files, meetings, last-minute updates, and more in minutes. Our tool provides faster, more efficient ways for executives to receive critical updates and information.

Executives use Base to start their day focused:

I love getting a one-shot view of my day and what inputs and outputs I need to prioritize for the day. It eliminates a lot of “processing” time for me, and it helps me start my day focused.

——Casey Putschoegl, CEO and Founder, 33Vincent

Have a single source of truth:

“[What I find most valuable is] having the [daily Digest] as the one source of information about the day’s schedule. This means [I’m] less rushed scrolling through emails to find the papers for a meeting. [Digest] is used frequently during the day and then referred back to often. They never get deleted!”

——Bronwyn Pike, CEO, Uniting Vic.Tas

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About Base: Base supports the core responsibilities of an EA while accommodating the unique work style of executives. Within Base, assistants are handed the tools of elite EAs: clear and relevant updates through digests customized to your exec, the simplest way to get your revolving list of questions answered, comprehensive preference and critical information storage, and streamlined reporting that removes the hours spent creating reports down to minutes. Find more Executive-EA resources here.

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Bryn Smith

Bryn Smith

Bryn is Digital Marketing Manager at Base, where she helps serve the assistant community through virtual events, social media, and more.