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Executive Assistant SMART Goal Examples

How assistants can set SMART goals and achieve more in the workplace

How to Grow Your Career as an Executive Assistant

How to Grow Your Career as an Executive Assistant

Three career EAs share their stepping stones to success


Assistants: How to Set Goals That Impact the Business

Take an active role in the goal setting process with this guide


OKRs 101: The Basics of Goal Setting for Executive Assistants

Learn all about OKRs and how you can make a significant contribution


Professional Development for Executive Assistants: Goals, Tools, & Best Practices

Invest in your growth by making a professional development plan


How to Set Executive Assistant Goals With Your Executive

Achieve optimal success by creating goals with your Executive


Why is Goal Setting for Executive Assistants Important?

Create a well-thought-out plan to clear a path to unlimited success

Business Meetings

Defining Executive Assistant OKRs

Pinpoint and prioritize your goals to propel your career forward


Assistant-Executive Goal-Alignment Workshop

OKR consultant Tim Whitmire walks through how you can align yourself with your executive - and company’s - goals, specifically as it relates to OKRs (Objective's and Key Results.)


Goal Setting for Assistants Hub: Get Started Today

Here are resources to help you define goals in your role, and how to execute and measure your success, starting with a 5-Step Goal Setting Method.

listening skills

How Learning to Listen Can Make You a Better EA

Executive Assistants, if you want to be killer at your job, your relationships, and at life in general, the skill to hone-in on is listening. "Hearing the unsaid needs" in meetings, conversations, will amp-up your career development and help avoid stalled productivity.


INFOGRAPHIC: 5-Step Planning Method for Goal-Setting With Executives

Rockstar executive-assistant Chelsey Lewis recently published a series of articles on goal setting: “Go Get ’Em: Goal Setting for the Executive Assistant” and “Executive Assistants: Why You Should Be Setting […]


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