Executive Assistant SMART Goal Examples

If you’re looking for a list of executive assistant SMART goal examples, you’ve come to the right place. At Base, we believe that setting SMART goals as an executive assistant (EA) is imperative to your success, as well as the success of your executive and business. EAs take on a lot of responsibility throughout their careers. Without the proper objectives in place, it can be nearly impossible to measure your success against the seemingly endless tasks you’re faced with on the day-to-day. 

Keep reading to learn more about setting SMART goals and how these personalized objectives will further your career as an EA.

Getting SMART About Your Goals

Before we get into our list of SMART goals for administrative assistants, we think it’s important first to understand what this goal-setting method is all about. When you’re thinking about what you want to accomplish, whether it’s in your personal or professional life, you want to get all the details in order. 

Developing a well-thought-out plan through the SMART method will ensure your objectives have the structure and trackability they need to succeed as an EA. The SMART acronym is broken down below and should align with your executive assistant OKRs:

  • Specific: Is the objective clear to both you and your executive? Is it concise?
  • Measurable: Do your objectives have a clear path to success? How will you know when the goal has been completed?
  • Achievable: Are the objectives you’re setting attainable? Do you have the personal or professional capabilities to complete these goals? 
  • Relevant: Do your objectives fit into the overall purpose of your EA role? Do they align with your organizations’ goals?
  • Time-bound: When is the deadline? Have you given yourself enough time to succeed? 

Executive Assistant SMART Goal Examples

Setting SMART goals as an EA will help you determine which objectives are worth advancing and which ones will prove to be overwhelming. With so much on your plate already, it would be easy to become overburdened by these new expectations. 

This goal-setting method will immediately be able to tell if you’re dealing with a bunch of lofty or far-fetched objectives. When you sit down to plan out your goals, try to think about your personal interests and what activities could bring value to your organization. Here are some outcome-based executive assistant SMART goal examples that we find both attainable and beneficial: 

  • If you find you’re always working on invitations and publications, set a goal to learn Photoshop or Illustrator by the end of the year—Canva is also a great tool!
  • If you want to demonstrate more competence and set yourself up for higher pay in the future, plan to get your PMP certification by the end of the year. 
  • Improve your overall efficiency and organization by using a project management system. Our Base Tasks feature is specifically catered towards the assistant workflow.
  • Take an Excel course by the end of the first quarter to make those weekly reports more efficient. 
  • Dedicate time each quarter to maintaining advanced knowledge on emerging tools and resources, such as Slack. (Start video at 1:01:16.)
  • Come up with new team-building ideas (one per quarter) to help maintain morale and wellbeing.
  • Read 4 business management books and share new knowledge with your team at the beginning of next quarter. Here are some recommendations:
  • BONUS: Here is a 2021 goal-setting template created specifically for assistants.

Reaching Your Executive Assistant Goals

As an EA, you have a powerful and unique position within your organization. Since your job gives you an overview of so many different elements, you can add value both practically and strategically to your business operations. Better yet, you can get your executive in on your goals and begin thinking up business-related objectives together. 

Setting executive assistant goals and OKRs is part of a much bigger picture. These objectives facilitate growth in your career and a better understanding of where that growth will lead down the road—thus giving you the confidence to excel personally and professionally. 

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