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The Fundamentals of Effective Calendar Management for Executive Assistants

Make the process of calendar management more efficient using these fundamentals


Calendar Management 101 Ebook

A comprehensive guide on the basics of calendar management for assistants


3 Tips to Successful Executive Calendar Management

A Masterclass featuring Jeremy Burrows, author of The Leader Assistant

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Calendar Tools for Scheduling and Management

Make overall schedule management a breeze with these tools and best practices

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Task Efficiency for Executive Assistants: Time & Calendar Management

Maintain and efficient Executive calendar schedule with these tips


The Small Details: Color Coding Calendars

Color coding your calendar can help you to visualize the week ahead as well as stay organized around key goals and objectives.


Executive Assistant Calendar Management: Click-to-Call Numbers (mobile only)

As an executive assistant, it’s important to make working from a mobile device as easy as possible for the executive you support. One way to simplify scheduled phone calls is to use “click-to-call” numbers in Google Calendar holds.


The Extra Mile: Recurring Reminders

Save yourself some time later (and make a great impression on your executive) with recurring reminders!


EA Best Practices: Naming Calendar Holds

Here are some best practices that will help you create clear and useful subject lines for calendar invitations.


Top 5 Calendar Tools That Will Make You More Productive

There’s no shortage of tools to make scheduling appointments more efficient. It’s worth setting aside some time to try a few out and find one that works best for you and your exec's calendar!

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The Power of a Calendar Audit

We are all looking for that one productivity app, that one life hack, that will give us more time to work on the things that are important to us. But […]


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