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peggy vasquez

Base Live: Working Through Self-Doubt With Peggy Vasquez

Speaker, coach, and author Peggy Vasquez shares techniques that you can implement to push through self-doubt and build a healthy dose of confidence.

peggy vasquez

Base Live: Using Decision Stream to Align to Executive Goals

In this Base Live event, Base's head of product will show you how to align to executive goals & OKRs through Base's Decision Stream feature.


Base Live: End-of-Year Review Prep with Maggie Jacobs

In this Base Live event, Maggie will be discussing how to prep for your end of year review, plus the contents of her book, "The Elevated EA".


Base Demo: New Task, Inbox Features (and more!)

Our co-founder and head of product and engineering Jeremy Wight walks through each and how they integrate seamlessly into other Base features.


Assistant-Executive Goal-Alignment Workshop

OKR consultant Tim Whitmire walks through how you can align yourself with your executive - and company’s - goals, specifically as it relates to OKRs (Objective's and Key Results.)


Fireside Chat with Assistant Leader Phoenix Normand

From daily and weekly digests to travel templates, we've helped put 4+ hours back into assistants' work weeks.


WEBINAR: How to Approach Tough Conversations

Join assistant leaders as they discuss practicing expectation management with executives and highlighting your value.


ON-DEMAND WEBINAR: Base Decision Stream

Give busy executives the ability to convey decisions in seconds.


WATCH: Fireside Chat with G2 CMO Ryan Bonnici: Prioritizing Mental Health in Your Organization

Join G2 CMO Ryan Bonnici and Base CEO Paige McPheely for a discussion on prioritizing mental health in your organization.


WEBINAR: Prioritization for Executive Assistants: How to Feel Like You’re Getting Enough Done…And Actually Get It All Done

Base CEO Paige McPheely and her EA Natalie Turner share expert tips for managing daily "pop-ups" and how to get through your checklist.


WEBINAR: The Future of Executive Assistants and AI (Recording)

Watch the recording from our recent webinar with Base CEO Paige McPheely and Jeremy Burrows, EA to the CEO of and the founder of In it, we discuss how AI works for you, not against you.


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