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3 Ways Community Can Impact the Role of an Assistant

The assistant role can be a lonely one. Without a standard career path, team...


The Fundamentals of Effective Calendar Management for Executive Assistants

Calendar management is one of the most important functions of the executive assistant role....


How to Support a High-Profile Leader: Tips from Ann Hiatt, Peggy Grande, and Donata Boston

While the mechanics of the role may look similar, supporting a high-profile executive comes...


3 Tips to Successful Executive Calendar Management

While it may seem simple, any executive assistant knows managing calendars is much more...

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How Executive Assistants Can Carve Out a Long-Term Career Path

Every assistant role is unique, impacted by the leader you support, your unique skill...


3 Tips for Strategic Executive Assistant One-on-Ones

As an executive assistant, one-on-ones are one of the best ways to strengthen your...

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Leader Assistant Live: Virtual Event 2020

Join us for Leader Assistant Live: Virtual – an exclusive online event for executive...

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Base Live: Taking Care of – and Honoring – Yourself with Gina Cotner

This event, "Base Live: Taking Care of - and Honoring - Yourself with Gina...

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Base Live: Working Through Self-Doubt With Peggy Vasquez

This event with Peggy Vasquez is on Tuesday, December 15, 2020 at 1pm ET. About...

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Base Live: Using Decision Stream to Align to Executive Goals

What we'll discuss in "Using Decision Stream to Align to Executive Goals" We're excited...


Base Live: End-of-Year Review Prep with Maggie Jacobs

About Maggie and this event We're thrilled to host Maggie Jacobs on December 3, 2020...


Free Professional Development Course: 30-Day Challenge

Learn to align yourself to your executive's goals We created this free professional development...


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