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Courageous Help

How are assistants changing the world? In this bi-weekly series, current and former assistants will explore the various ways assistants are challenging the status quo — from impacting global business practices to molding new career paths and beyond.


Creating the Communities You Need with Kelsey Mendenhall

Featuring Kelsey Mendenhall, Executive Assistant at Hims & Hers Health / Episode #15


Using Your Voice to Build Connected Partnerships with Monique Helstrom

Featuring Monique Helstrom, Keynote speaker and former Executive Assistant and "Chief of Simon Sinek" / Episode #14


Understanding and Communicating the Value You Bring with Kristine Valenzuela

Featuring Kristine Valenzuela, a 20+ year EA and Chief of Staff / Episode #13


Dismantling Assistant Stereotypes with John Shaw

Featuring John Shaw, Senior Executive Business Administrator to the Board of Directors at Microsoft / Episode #12


Taking Risks and Having the Tough Conversations with Linda McFarland

Feautring Linda McFarland, author, keynote speaker, and Senior Executive Assistant at Intapp / Episode #10


Building an Executive Support Team From the Ground Up with Britt Zarembski

Featuring Britt Zarembski, Executive Assistant Senior Manager at Indeed / Episode #9


Redefining What It Means to Be an Assistant with Diana Brandl

Featuring Diana Brandl, an international keynote speaker, trainer, author, and host of The Future Assistant podcast / Episode #8


Caring for People Through Difficult Times with Giovanna De Beij Mazariegos

Featuring Giovanna De Beij Mazariegos, Executive Assistant to the Executive Board at Royal BAM Group / Episode #7


Shifting Into a “Chief EA” Mindset with Tiara Hines

Featuring Tiara Hines, Executive Assistant to the CFO at Olo / Episode #6


Raising Your Hand to Help Others with Alicia Fairclough

Featuring Alicia Fairclough, EA to the Co-Founder at Uncapped and founder of EA How To / Episode #5


Taking Your Seat at the Table with Mallory Rothstein

Featuring Mallory Rothstein, coach, keynote speaker, and Administrative Business Partner at Google / Episode #4


Making the Little Things Add Up to Big Things with Elissa Berg

Featuring Elissa Berg, Executive Assistant to the CEO at SimonCRE / Episode #3

About the host

Natalie Turner

Natalie is a content strategist, seasoned facilitator, certified leadership coach, and formerly the Executive Assistant to the CEO and President at Base. She believes in the power of supportive relationships and rituals, both personal and professional, to change individual lives and therefore the world. She explores these concepts in Base workshops, on the Courageous Help podcast, and in her own entrepreneurial pursuits.

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