Changing Business with an Executive Operations Cohort Model with Lynn Walder

In this episode, we’re joined by Lynn Walder, Executive Operations Scaling Consultant and Founder of Executive Management Partners. Lynn has 20+ years of experience strategically supporting CEOs, founders, and their Executive teams to build a “values-first, systems-second” business-building approach.

Lynn joins us today to share how administrators can change business; from thoughtfully integrating as their own standalone function to fighting the uphill battle of how these roles are respected and resourced. She also walks us through her Executive Operations Cohort Model, which enables businesses to transform administration from a 1:1 model into a dedicated, standalone function that delivers on goals at a company-wide level.

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Hosted by Natalie Turner

Natalie is a content strategist, seasoned facilitator, certified leadership coach, and formerly the Executive Assistant to the CEO and President at Base. She believes in the power of supportive relationships and rituals, both personal and professional, to change individual lives and therefore the world. She explores these concepts in Base workshops, on the Courageous Help podcast, and in her own entrepreneurial pursuits.

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