Championing the Admin Industry as a People Industry with Liv Wilson

In this episode, we’re joined by Liv Wilson, an experienced EA and Business Partner, currently working as the Senior EA to the Head of APAC at Slack. She is passionate about empowering others, which she does regularly as the co-lead of the APAC Women’s ERG at Slack, and previously the Co-Lead of the Social Impact Committee at LinkedIn. She also uses her voice to highlight the importance of the much-misunderstood role of a high performing EA.

Liv joins Courageous Help to talk about all the various ways the admin role is really about relationships: from the work you do to build partnership with leaders, to exercising discernment when building trust, to the ways we empower the next generation of assistants.

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Hosted by Natalie Turner

Natalie is a content strategist, seasoned facilitator, certified leadership coach, and formerly the Executive Assistant to the CEO and President at Base. She believes in the power of supportive relationships and rituals, both personal and professional, to change individual lives and therefore the world. She explores these concepts in Base workshops, on the Courageous Help podcast, and in her own entrepreneurial pursuits.

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