The New Home for the Modern EA

DYNAMIC DIGESTSSave Hours on Executive Updates

Most EAs spend hours every week pulling together reports that detail upcoming meetings, travel plans, and important deadlines for the executives they support. Base’s Digest Builder creates beautiful executive updates in minutes, giving EAs time back to focus on more strategic work.

Decision StreamTurn Questions into To-Dos

Every day, there are a multitude of questions executives need to answer in order for their assistants to do their jobs. Decision Stream’s simple, elegant feed gives busy executives the ability to convey decisions in seconds. By streamlining communication between the two parties, key decisions and updates are never missed, delayed, or forgotten.

Executive DossierStore Key Information In One Location

Dossier allows EAs to store all of the critical information tied to executives they support in one central location. Assistants can access and share preferences, habits, travel data, key contacts, software, and more in seconds.

AnalyzeUnderstand How Time is Allocated

Analyze examines calendar patterns to uncover insights into how executives spend their time. In seconds, a support professional can get a visual representation of how his or her executive’s day, week, or year is divided between meetings, travel, value-add activities and more. With this information readily available, EAs can correct inefficiencies, set goals, and take advantage of strategic opportunities.