Amplify Your Executive Assistant’s Impact

Your success as an executive is directly related to the caliber of your support. When your executive assistant is successful, you are successful. By providing tools and technology tailored to the executive work style, Base empowers your executive assistant to be more strategic, proactive, and productive. Amplify the impact of your greatest asset and strategic ally, your EA.

Communicate Key Decisions

In order for your goals to best be supported, you need to efficiently and effectively communicate with your EA without any roadblocks or hurdles. Base’s Decision Stream gives you the ability to communicate time-sensitive decisions to your assistant with the click of a button. Open a curated list of your EA’s inquiries from any device and convey your choices in seconds.

Stay Laser Focused

Your executive assistant is your gatekeeper, ensuring that you focus only on the most important tasks that move your business forward. Base’s Digest Builder enables your EA to simply and quickly create daily summaries of your upcoming meetings, travel plans, important deadlines, and more. With daily digests, you can stay laser focused on your immediate priorities and eliminate distractions by cutting through the noise.

Ensure Continuity

Your assistant makes it a priority to know your preferences, habits, travel data, important contacts, and more. But what happens when your EA is away from the office? Base helps to establish continuity by ensuring that your personal information is stored in one central location. In minutes, your assistant can securely share key information with others so that you don’t have to supply personal data more than once.

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