Stay on top of the details and get things done.

Organizing information should be easier, simpler, and more intuitive. Base helps you accomplish your daily goals and check those boxes.


Organize your work with ease.

Get a clear picture of everything on your plate and ensure nothing is left behind. Send messages from other apps into your Base Inbox to read, organize, and follow up.


Effortless task management.

A simple way to store relevant emails, messages, and subtasks within your to-dos, so you can work efficiently without losing context.


Keep information in one place.

Remember everything, even when you don’t. Dossier provides a centralized place where you can store and organize important information.

Everything you need to be successful, in one place.

Base combines the tools you need so you can work more efficiently with your executives, and save time for the projects that matter most.

Streamline workflows

Send items from other apps into Inbox so you always have a clear picture of everything on your plate.

Create action items

Messages can be repurposed into tasks, Dossier notes, or Decision Stream questions.

Filter and search

When the volume of tasks feels out of hand, you can easily drill down to find what you need.

Prioritize easily

Organize tasks with color-coded priority levels from low to high, so you know what to tackle first.

Organize your way

Start with our sections for travel, key contacts, and calendar systems, and grow from there.

Stay up to speed

Share information with others to collaborate or ensure transitions, leave, and vacations are covered.

“Before using Base, my workday was pretty chaotic. Lots of slacks with our CEO, lots of email threads within threads, tracking down things that he’d sent me, I sent him. It’s just really blown my mind on how much time I get back in my day and how much more efficiently I’m able to communicate.”
Nikki M.
Lead Executive Assistant @ Terminus

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