Simplify scheduling and optimize your executives’ time.

Fast, friction-less scheduling that thinks like an assistant and helps you evaluate and improve how your leaders spend their time.


Frictionless scheduling.

Eliminate the back-and-forth of coordinating availability so scheduling the meeting stops taking longer than the meeting itself. Scheduler helps you manage multiple calendars, meetings, and schedules with ease.


Optimize your leader’s time.

Show those you support how to best optimize their time and boost productivity. Run custom reports with Analyze to see stats across meeting types, track top event terms, and uncover value-add activities.

Everything you need to be successful, in one place.

Base combines the tools you need so you can work more efficiently with your executives, and save time for the projects that matter most.

Display time zones

With Scheduler, you can display up to 12 time zones at once, so you never have to worry that someone is getting a meeting invite for 4am.

Manage multiple schedules

View multiple schedules, propose multiple times, poll guests’ preferences, and schedule the meeting all within one application.

Keep private notes

Attach internal notes, context, links, agendas, or files to every meeting that only you can access.

View event history

Stay on top of changes with a full history from event creation to confirmation, automatically tracked.

Run calendar reports

Create custom reports detailing time breakdowns, event types, and top people in the same meetings as your executive.

Evaluate time spent

Use calendar statistics to highlight weekly time savings and uncover value-add activities.

“I’ve been using Scheduler for a few weeks and I already can’t live without it! I can’t believe the amount of time I used to waste going back and forth trying to find a good time in multiple people’s schedules. Such a headache. Now they can just vote on the best time and boom, it’s booked! But I still have control over the final time. That’s icing on the cake.”
Whitney K.
Executive Assistant @ Anthem

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