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Being Brave Enough to Be Yourself with Donata Boston

Featuring Donata Boston, career coach and former Assistant to Madonna / Episode #1

Case Study

How Base Helped the Lead EA at Terminus Streamline Efficiency and Communication

A case study featuring Nikki Morales, Lead Executive Assistant at Terminus


Is Base The Right Tool For My EA Team?

Some of the ways Base is helping EA teams streamline work, coordinate effectively, and set consistent standards


3 Ways Community Can Impact the Role of an Assistant

Assistant community leaders discuss how EAs can benefit from networking


The Fundamentals of Effective Calendar Management for Executive Assistants

Make the process of calendar management more efficient using these fundamentals


How to Support a High-Profile Leader: Tips from Ann Hiatt, Peggy Grande, and Donata Boston

Expert EAs discuss how they support the world's biggest business leaders


The Spooktacular Role of the Assistant

A collection of spine-tingling tales from executive assistants

desk with laptop and papers

How Executive Assistants Can Carve Out a Long-Term Career Path

Strategies for taking charge of your career and making it your own


Executive Assistant One-on-One Agenda Templates

Simple email templates for scheduling meetings for your Executive


Effective Communication as an Executive Assistant

Techniques to help you build and strengthen positive working relationships

Executive Assistant at desk looking at paper

How to Maintain Job Security as an Executive Assistant

Become an integral part of any business by unlocking your potential


3 Tips for Strategic Executive Assistant One-on-Ones

Strategies for leading thoughtful 1:1 meetings with your Executive


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