Case Study

How Base Helped the Lead EA at Terminus Streamline Efficiency and Communication

Without a streamlined system, it’s easy for assistants to lose valuable time tracking down information, compiling notes, and managing tasks across various applications. To ensure she was using her time more effectively, Nikki Morales, Lead Executive Assistant at Terminus, turned to Base to help her communicate more effectively and improve her efficiency.

Terminus is a software platform that provides B2B businesses with a way to engage with their prospects and customers in a specific, targeted way. They help their customers personalize their marketing and advertising efforts to deliver more pipeline and revenue. As the Lead Executive Assistant, Nikki supports the CEO, Tim Kopp, with communication, calendar management, and more.

The Challenge

Before using Base, Nikki’s workday was pretty chaotic. She was using primarily email and Slack to communicate, which meant information was easily lost in threads and old conversations. When she needed information, she would have to revert back to old emails and Slacks; spending valuable time scrolling through to find what she was looking for. 

Similarly, her calendar management workflow was very manual. When she needed to schedule a meeting with multiple people, she would click through all their calendars and try to find an open spot between them. When schedules shifted, the process would start all over again. 

All in all, Nikki was spending countless hours on manual tasks by switching between applications and not having an easy solution for streamlining her workflows and communication. It was clear she needed a solution that could help her save time and provide an easier way for her to keep track of all her conversations, tasks, emails, meetings, and more. 

“Without doubt saves us both a lot of time, a lot of checking in on a bunch of things that are just unnecessarily added to each other’s day, but it keeps everything in one place. It’s super simple.”  

– Nikki Morales, Lead EA @ Terminus

The Solution

To improve her processes, Nikki turned to Base, a workspace built specifically for assistants’ daily workflow that connects communication, scheduling, and organization tools into one unified platform. 

With the help of Base’s features, specifically Digest, Tasks, Dossier, and Scheduler, Nikki was able to streamline her efficiency and communication to get valuable time back in her day and stay successful in her role at a leading tech company with a growing assistant team. 

Digest provided a quick and easy solution to save her and her CEO, Tim Kopp, a lot of time not having to check in with each other multiple times throughout the day. Now, Nikki sends a Digest at the end of every day with questions and topics to address, action items, and calendar events for the following day. Because everything is in Base, Nikki is able to drag these items into the Digest without pulling this information from multiple places. She can also re-use her template, keeping her from having to start from scratch each day. 

After implementing Tasks and Dossier, Nikki saw a lot of improved success in the general area of less human error. She now feels like less things slip through the cracks and she spends much less time digging through email and Slack for important information. Instead, it’s all in Base and easy for her to find whenever she needs it. 

Finally, since using Base Scheduler, Nikki has been able to vastly improve her manual scheduling process. With Propose Time, it’s easy for her to send a handful of meeting times to all attendees and have them choose the best ones for them. Then the process is done, and requires no extra work on her part to schedule the meeting. 

The Outcome

Since implementing Base into their daily workflow, Nikki and Tim have streamlined their communication and eliminated unnecessary back and forth. Nikki can create a daily Digest in minutes rather than hours. She can quickly pull in any tasks that need approval, calendar updates for the following day, and more. This simple tool has allowed Nikki to be much more efficient with her communication, but still remain flexible enough for the day-to-day shifts and changes that can occur. And with everything in one place, she is no longer wasting valuable time tracking down email threads within threads or searching through old Slack messages. She has saved hours in her day and improved her chances of success by having everything in one place. 

“Only a few days into using Base, we knew we would never go back to our old ways. Base gave us a turnkey solution for more efficient communication, organization, and alignment. We stay totally in sync without constant slacks or tons of email threads. Truly can’t imagine going back to the disorganized processes we had before.”

– Tim Kopp, CEO and Executive Chairman @ Terminus

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Written by Bryn Smith

Bryn is the Senior Manager of Brand and Product Marketing at Base, where she is on a mission to build a world-class EA community by connecting them with top-notch thought leaders, invaluable resources, and cutting-edge insights.