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5 Travel Management Tips from Experienced EAs

Learn top tips from Experienced EAs on what to do before, during, and after your leader’s business travel to ensure they have a great trip and you look like the rockstar you are.


A Guide to Project Management for Executive Assistants

Learn why EAs are project management experts, the five steps of successful project management, more tips to pull off a successful project, and more.


The Impact of Humanizing Business with Mary Ryan

Featuring Mary Ryan, Executive Business Parter to the CEO of Stitch/ Episode #36


Tips from the Experts: Tools & Strategies for Assistants to Plan Engaging Offsites

Learn how to maximize the true value of offsites as you design the agenda, the first question you need answered before planning, and how small details at your event can make all the difference.


How Executive Assistants Can Create or Reinvigorate a Winning Partnership

As an Executive Assistant, the quality of the partnership with your leader shapes your experience of your work. Remember you always have the power to enact change in this area, even if you’ve been operating on auto-pilot or maybe have fallen into complacency.


Power to Assistants: Work Smarter with Base + AI

Introducing Base’s Analyze 2.0: An upgraded calendar report to serve your analytics needs with the power of AI


How Executive Assistants Can Cultivate Cultures of Authenticity and Inclusivity

Learn how to show up authentically and professionally, practical ways to start influencing company culture, and how to create a workplace where inclusivity, allyship, and safety are present.


How Executive Assistants Can Balance Wellbeing While Supporting Others

Learn how you can support your emotional, mental, and physical wellbeing while your whole job is to think about supporting someone else.


3 Ways Executive Assistants Can Demonstrate Leadership

Learn how you can find and use your voice, build critical leadership skills, increase your visibility, and make positive impacts on your organization.


How to Integrate AI and Technology into Your Executive Assistant Role

Learn how you can effectively leverage technology to enhance your skills, stay ahead of the curve, and maximize your impact in the workplace.


3 Emerging Trends That Will Reshape the Executive Assistant Role

Executive Assistants have been innovating and evolving for years — and it’s only the beginning. Let’s take a look at some of the emerging trends in the administrative realm that will likely impact the role in the coming years.


Honing Your Executive Assistant Communication Skills

Effective communication as an Executive Assistant isn’t just important — it’s crucial. Your entire career revolves around how well you can communicate, making it one of the most important qualities an assistant can master.


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