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Power to Assistants: Work Smarter with Base + AI

Introducing Base’s Analyze 2.0: An upgraded calendar report to serve your analytics needs with the power of AI


How to Integrate AI and Technology into Your Executive Assistant Role

Learn how you can effectively leverage technology to enhance your skills, stay ahead of the curve, and maximize your impact in the workplace.


3 Emerging Trends That Will Reshape the Executive Assistant Role

Executive Assistants have been innovating and evolving for years — and it’s only the beginning. Let’s take a look at some of the emerging trends in the administrative realm that will likely impact the role in the coming years.


3 Tips for Navigating a High-Pressure Role as an Assistant

Reggie Love, bestselling author and the former personal aide to President Barack Obama, shares how he learned to navigate the high-pressure role of being a President’s right hand.

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6 Inbox Management Tips from Experienced EAs

EAs share 6 brilliant tips to keep your leader’s inbox clean and efficient for the long run, achieving inbox zero time and time again.

4 Key Principles to Great Inbox Management

4 Key Principles to Great Inbox Management

EA Training manager Sara Altuna shares four inbox management principles to help assistants declutter, organize and keep their leaders’ inboxes efficient for the long run.


Executive Assistant One-on-One Agenda Templates

Simple email templates for scheduling meetings for your Executive


WEBINAR RECAP Q&A – Prioritization for EAs: How to Feel Like You’re Getting Enough Done

Base CEO Paige and her EA Natalie share how they work together to succeed, answering questions from webinar attendees.


WEBINAR: Prioritization for Executive Assistants: How to Feel Like You’re Getting Enough Done…And Actually Get It All Done

Base CEO Paige McPheely and her EA Natalie Turner share expert tips for managing daily "pop-ups" and how to get through your checklist.


Staying Proactive As An Executive Assistant Part 1: Fight Fires Efficiently

We all know that the most effective EAs are proactive, not reactive—but with so many incoming tasks, emails, and obstacles, it’s difficult to get past the fire-fighting stage. As an EA, putting out fires is part of the job, but it’s important to learn efficient ways to handle these scenarios while leaving space for proactivity.


The Small Details: The Importance of Pre-Work When Planning Successful Meetings

Pre-work is imperative when planning and executing successful meetings. As an Executive Assistant, it's your job to ensure that meeting attendees are thinking ahead about the topics that will be discussed, formulating ideas and solutions, and familiarizing themselves with the other participants. Successful pre-work will ensure participants feel invested in the meeting, engaged in the topics at hand, and connected to the other attendees.


Tee It Up: Drafting Emails for Your Executive

If you have direct access to your executive’s inbox, teeing up email drafts for them is a game changer.


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