7 Great Digital Tools Every Executive Assistant Should Use

What are some tools used by Executive Assistants?

Being an Executive Assistant is not an easy job. In fact, some of the Executive Assistants in the Base community would say it’s not even really one job, but many jobs rolled into one! From everyday tasks like managing your executive’s calendar or planning events, to large tasks like CRM migrations and logistics support, you know you need the right tools to make it happen, each and every day.

At Base, we are obsessed with performance and productivity, and want to help fill your toolbox with the best Executive Assistant tools – all recommended by expert EAs. We think you’ll love these 7 digital tools and use them daily to tackle your to-do list and projects like a champ!

7 helpful tools for Executive Assistants


Base combines the tools you use every day as an EA into one easy-to-use space, and just like the best EAs, it wears many hats. Base can help you streamline communication with your executives, stay on top of the details, and simplify scheduling, so you have everything you need to be successful. Plus, it was made by EAs for EAs, meaning you’ve got the full support of the assistant community behind you every time you log on.

💜 What we love: Digest Builder 

Base’s Digest Builder tool allows you to easily create customized updates for your executive in real time. It integrates your calendar, meeting notes, files, attachments, events, and more into one easy-to-use, drag and drop platform. Lucy Benzinger, freelance EA, shares why Digest Builder is her favorite executive assistant tool.

Ready to use the Digest Builder? Request a demo of Base now.


💜 What we love: Databases with filtered views

At its core, Notion functions as a database designed for maximum ease-of use. As an EA, you can use Notion to organize information and create a centralized digital hub for your work. Manage projects, take notes, link to calendars, and so much more. And the best part? Notion integrates with other Executive Assistant productivity tools, keeping you connected and productive throughout the day. Base EA Recruitment Manager Tori Hennis explains how databases in Notion can help Executive Assistants maximize productivity. 


💜 What we love: Virtual credit cards to track spending

As an Executive Assistant, you’re not only balancing the workload of yourself and your executive, but you’re balancing the books, too. Lindsey Cole, an experienced EA, highly recommends Ramp, a spend management tool that tracks monthly spending so you’re never caught off guard or having to chase down a receipt. Specifically, Lindsey enjoys the receipt matching feature! 

Google Keep

💜 What we love: A digital alternative to sticky notes

Executive Assistants and sticky notes – it’s a love/hate relationship, right? Not anymore! Base community EA Aria Grant loves Google Keep for organizing her notes, lists, and reminders, all in one place. She even color-codes and pins a daily to-do list to the top of her page, then syncs her list to her other Google apps. If you’re drowning in sticky notes, you might consider joining Aria and using Google Keep as one of your Executive Assistant tools. 


💜 What we love: Receipt scanning (never manually save a receipt!) 

Expense reports can feel cumbersome, especially for EAs who may be managing multiple expense accounts. That’s where Expensify can help. Lauren Johnson, an active member of the EA community, uses Expensify as her go-to assistant tool for organizing and categorizing every expense her executive makes. Lauren says it takes her approximately 20 minutes to complete her expense reports, and we think that’s pretty amazing!

Schedule Send (Slack and Gmail) 

💜 What we love: Taking control of your inbox and outbox 

While this tool is more of a hack, it’s definitely one you’ll want in your toolbox! Both Slack and Gmail have a ‘Schedule Send’ button that allows you to schedule emails and messages when you want them to send. This can help you create boundaries (hello work-life balance) with your exec and allows you to build in time to clear out your inbox. EA freelancer Lori Terrell uses ‘Schedule Send’ all the time, and she’s found it to be her ‘best friend’ as an Executive Assistant. 

Slack Huddle

💜 What we love: A casual and quick way to touch base

If you’re an avid Slacker, you might already know about this new feature called ‘Slack Huddle’ that allows users to talk to members of their team via audio calls and screen sharing in real-time. Sarah Wright, freelance Executive Assistant, likes the functionality of the tool for collaboration in an informal setting. For an easy way to have an impromptu meeting (without video), Slack Huddle might be the best tool for Executive Assistants! 

What’s the best Executive Assistant tool? 

Okay, so we may be a little biased, but it’s true – the digital tool assistants choose time and time again is Base! We love helping assistants maximize their time and do their best work. The Base platform simplifies scheduling and communication between EA and exec, and it’s only getting better. Get a demo to see what it’s all about (and to start using the EA-favorite Digest Builder)!

Written by Paige McPheely

Paige is Base’s Founder and CEO. Supported by a team of dreamers, doers and thinkers, Paige is making her long-term vision of equipping leaders with excellent, affordable and scalable assistant support a reality. With the largest pool of EA talent in the world and the very first platform built for EAs, she is committed to matching leaders with strategic, high-impact, tech-enabled assistants to meet their unique business needs. Paige believes in empowering assistants to lead more impactful careers by equipping them with top tier tools and training from Base.