The Only Platform Built for How Assistants Work

BASE DIGESTSave hours on executive updates

Drag and drop calendar items, links, and attachments directly into your digest. No need to navigate between email, calendars, and file-sharing tools like Dropbox.

DECISION STREAMCreate 1 feed of decisions your executive needs to make

Instead of digging through Slack, email, and other tools for questions your executive needs to address, create a single feed that you can text or Slack to your executive.

DOSSIERStore executive information in a secure, dedicated location

Store executive contact info, preferences, and trip information in 1 place. You can also store key contact details for executives' colleagues in Dossier, so you can pull up the date of their last meeting in seconds.

AnalyzeHelp your executive spend their time more productively

See a visual representation of how your executive’s day, week, or year is divided between meetings, travel, value-add activities and more. Show how you're saving your executive hours per week by sending daily digests.