Introducing Base’s Open Talent Platform for Efficient EA Matching

At Base, we’re all about making your life easier. When we started this business in 2014, we did everything manually. Our clients love the care we take with our matches but maintaining a high-level of manual customization at our scale is not feasible. 

That’s why we’re so excited to introduce our Open Talent Platform, which dramatically reduces the time to match leaders with an elite EA from our talent cloud—from weeks to days. We’ve quadrupled our speed while still maintaining the care and customization that our clients deserve.

AI + Expertise = Base’s Open Talent Platform

Our new Open Talent Platform pairs our decade of expertise with AI to efficiently vet candidates, allowing you to see top-tier matches quickly. This precision tool, developed from your feedback and our decade of expertise, means you see custom matches and get started with your uniquely matched EA 4X faster than before.

The Benefits of Our Talent Cloud

Our Talent Cloud is tailored to do more than fill positions—it’s engineered to find candidates who will meet your specific needs. By focusing on the essential skills and traits that will serve you best, we ensure that your new EA will be an asset from day one.

Finding An EA Has Never Been Easier

You have direct control over your matches. Our two-step onboarding process gets to the root of what you’re looking for and surfaces the best-matched talent. This streamlined approach pairs efficiency and effectiveness with customization to your unique needs.

Unlock Your Growth

  • Fast Relief : Start delegating within 3-4 days
  • Custom Fit: Select from EAs uniquely suited to your needs
  • Streamlined Process: No pain of hiring, interviewing, or transition

Unlock your growth and potential through fast & streamlined support for your unique needs through Base’s new Open Talent Platform—where technology meets human expertise for the ultimate EA experience.

Written by Paige McPheely

Paige is Base’s Founder and CEO. Supported by a team of dreamers, doers and thinkers, Paige is making her long-term vision of equipping leaders with excellent, affordable and scalable assistant support a reality. With the largest pool of EA talent in the world and the very first platform built for EAs, she is committed to matching leaders with strategic, high-impact, tech-enabled assistants to meet their unique business needs. Paige believes in empowering assistants to lead more impactful careers by equipping them with top tier tools and training from Base.