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How to Overcome Burnout and Reignite Your Passion as an Executive Assistant

Assistant thought leaders share their experiences and advice for how you can strike a better balance between work and wellbeing.


3 Ways to Be a Powerhouse Executive Assistant

Learn the attributes of a top-performing assistant from inspiring EA thought leaders, Lynn Walder, Natalie Lee, and Kristine Valenzuela


Managing Up for Assistants: How to Empower Your Exec to Be Your Best Supporter

Equip your leader to be your biggest advocate and support your growth

How to Grow Your Career as an Executive Assistant

How to Grow Your Career as an Executive Assistant

Three career EAs share their stepping stones to success


3 Strategies to Build Leadership Skills as an Assistant

Business and leadership skills to propel you into the next phase of your career


3 Ways Community Can Impact the Role of an Assistant

Assistant community leaders discuss how EAs can benefit from networking

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honoring yourself

Base Live: Taking Care of – and Honoring – Yourself with Gina Cotner

In this chat, Gina Cotner will walk through how you can look at what you received from this year (versus what you didn't.)

peggy vasquez

Base Live: Working Through Self-Doubt With Peggy Vasquez

Speaker, coach, and author Peggy Vasquez shares techniques that you can implement to push through self-doubt and build a healthy dose of confidence.

peggy vasquez

Base Live: Using Decision Stream to Align to Executive Goals

In this Base Live event, Base's head of product will show you how to align to executive goals & OKRs through Base's Decision Stream feature.


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