DOWNLOAD: Free Digest Templates for Assistants

The goal of a ‘daily digest’ is to provide a central location to review the shared needs and workflows between you and your executive. Our daily digest template and other free digest templates (weekly, travel, inbox round-up, weekly recap, and more) will help you give executives the quick info they need to be as productive as possible in their day.

You can find all of our templates here, plus several more in our app. You can also create your own custom digest templates within Base.

Here are the templates in our digest templates library:

Daily Digest

Recommended For: Busy Executives who have their days packed with meetings and action items in advance

Inbox Round-Up

Does your executive receive important emails everyday that they aren’t able to get back to on time? The Inbox Roundup template helps you create a ‘distraction-free’ summary of emails they need to pay attention to immediately or later in the week.

Recommended For: Executive who regularly miss out on time-sensitive emails or who depend on you to draft replies to such emails.

Find the below templates in our library:
-End Of Day Recap
-Weekly Recap
-Recurring Meeting Template
-Travel Itinerary

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About Base: Base supports the core responsibilities of an EA while accommodating the unique work style of executives. Within Base, assistants are handed the tools of elite EAs: clear and relevant updates through digests customized to your exec, the simplest way to get your revolving list of questions answered, comprehensive preference and critical information storage, and streamlined reporting that removes the hours spent creating reports down to minutes. Find more Executive-EA resources here.


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