Should You Hire a Part-Time or Full-Time Executive Assistant?

Hiring an Executive Assistant (EA) is the first step in embracing growth and excellence for your organization. Today’s Executive Assistants are operational thought partners who are equipped to support you and your business goals. We’ll guide you through some important options to consider when working with an EA, and if you should hire part-time or full-time support.

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Why choose part-time Executive Assistant support

The candidate pool is greatly expanded

  • There is an immense amount of talent and experience in the part-time EA space.

It makes economic sense

  • Work with a proactive gatekeeper without adding to the employee payroll.

Low risk for a high-caliber EA 

  • See the value of a part-time EA to determine if having an assistant is right for you.

Caters to seasonal support needs

  • If your business doesn’t need year-round support, a part-time EA is the ideal solution.

Why choose full-time Executive Assistant support

Dedicated, long-term support

  • More long-term project ownership and a greater commitment to your business.

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More consistency and commitment 

  • Can lead to better long-term planning and engagement within your organization.

Increased capacity to tackle important projects 

  • Can generally handle larger and more complex projects or responsibilities, which means your business can grow leaps and bounds.

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All of our Executive Assistants are:

  • Highly-skilled and trained professionals
  • Supported by the Base community (always learning and growing!) 
  • Enabled by Base’s software made exclusively for assistants 
  • Strategic thought partners and decision makers

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Written by Kate Ethridge

Kate Ethridge leads the sales team at Base, where she helps the world's leaders be more proactive and successful through Base's Talent Intelligence Marketplace.