How Can an Executive Assistant Add Value to my Organization?

Investing in your business or career can feel like a big risk. That’s why it’s important to ensure your time and money will elevate your productivity and impact – not detract from it. At Base, we know how much value an Executive Assistant (EA) can bring to business leaders who are tired of trying to do it all. In fact, the return on investment provided by a skilled Executive Assistant can be substantial.

Executive Assistants provide agile and proactive high-level support, which positions them as incredible assets who can add tremendous value to any organization. What’s more, Base’s assistant talent pool is the largest in the industry. We can match you with an EA who’s the right fit for your business goals.

With the right partnership, an Executive Assistant can facilitate the productivity, collaboration, and growth of entire teams under your leadership.

Ready to add an Executive Assistant to your team? We’ve rounded up four of the top ways that an Executive Assistant can add value to your organization to help in your decision.

Executive Assistants increase productivity.

Executive Assistants are experts at knowing the top tactics for improving business productivity, and can quickly implement strategies that make a big impact. By handing off tasks like calendar and email management, you can eliminate most of the immediate distractions that pull you away from more strategic work. Being adept at taking on a range of tasks, EAs add value by freeing up large blocks of time for the team they support. Find EA Support and get hours back to your workday.

Executive Assistants improve collaboration.

In today’s world of remote, hybrid and in-person workplaces, the importance of keeping a team engaged and working together is more important than ever. Having a liaison like an EA who works to connect people across organizational levels and departments is priceless in solving the collaboration puzzle. Virtual Executive Assistants are particularly skilled at streamlining projects and communication across multiple parties. If you need flexible support, you’re in luck! Base offers EA subscription support that can scale up or down with your business as needed. Plus, every Base EA comes to you fully-equipped and trained, so you can hand off your work with peace of mind.

Executive Assistants provide solutions.

A great Executive Assistant works as a key strategic thought partner and proactively looks for ways to make improvements throughout the organization. They are closely involved with many of the day-to-day details, which makes them uniquely equipped to know where the pain points are, and more importantly, where there are opportunities for improvement. EAs provide solutions to some of the biggest hurdles organizations face — now that’s impressive!

Executive Assistants support growth.

It’s impossible to grow a large organization alone. No one knows this better than the Executive Assistant, who often acts as an organization’s communications backbone. EAs bring people and projects together, aligning everyone to work toward the same goals, and ultimately achieve them more quickly. For the Executive, this means a deeper focus on growth and higher leverage work.

Bonus: EAs support personal space.

While an Executive Assistant adds an enormous amount of value to the organization as a whole, many leaders quickly notice the personal value when working with an Executive Assistant. From an increased feeling of control in their day-to-day, to a better work-life balance, the value Executive Assistants add is truly invaluable.

Ready to find your best EA?

Base has helped 200+ leaders find excellent assistants to fit their needs. Why not you? We’ll handle the vetting and matching process, so you’ll have more time and energy to focus on moving your business forward. Get in touch today to learn more.

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Written by Kate Ethridge

Kate Ethridge leads the sales team at Base, where she helps the world's leaders be more proactive and successful through Base's Talent Intelligence Marketplace.