Creating the Future of Work for Assistants and Leaders at Base: an update from Paige McPheely, CEO

At Base, we’ve always believed in helping Executive Assistants do their work more efficiently by unlocking all the potential their role has to offer in modern workplaces. For the last 3.5 years, this has meant creating the first (and only) all-in-one software platform for Executive Assistants.

To support this mission even more deeply, I’m thrilled to share that Base has joined forces with 33Vincent. I founded 33Vincent in 2013 alongside my long-time friend and business partner, Casey Putschoegl, to match leaders with strategic EA partners and invest in the training, development, and growth of assistants to make an impact at every level.

As a combined force under the Base brand, we are leading the way to a bright and promising future of work for assistants. With Base at the helm, EAs enter the industry with the tools to excel from day one, and thrive in their roles with access to best-in-class training, a collaborative EA community, job opportunities, and unmatched support.

Further, with the largest assistant talent pool in the industry, we have the capabilities to match high-impact EAs with business leaders at scale. We are laser-focused on supporting and equipping leaders with strategic partners to drive their business forward. 

Casey and I have always dreamt that 33Vincent and Base would someday unite to become the world’s only full spectrum, tech-enabled EA hub….and that someday is today, with even more exciting things to come! 🎉

Base: a modern solution for EAs

By blending our two companies, Base spans the entire spectrum of assistant needs. From training new EAs and placing them in roles with top leaders, to providing access to the latest tools and a growing EA community, we are checking every single box when it comes to supporting excellent Executive Assistants at every stage of their careers.

For leaders with a wide array of support needs, Base takes a thoughtful approach to make sure each leader finds what’s most helpful and impactful to them. Services include a one-time inbox reset, flexible subscription-based assistance, or full-time support – all backed by assistants who are committed to strategically finding solutions and making an impact from day one. 

It’s an exciting milestone for Base, and even more exciting for the thousands of Executive Assistants and leaders who reap the benefits of our end-to-end service and support options.

Guided by our North Star

Since its inception, Base has always set out to have meaningful purpose in the Executive Assistant space. That hasn’t changed. If anything, we have become more intentional about our focus and staying true to our North Star. Our brand has always been strong, backed by solid value pillars – ambitious growth, courageous help, and thriving team – that drive our business forward and inspire us to go the extra mile for the assistants and business leaders we care so deeply about. 

As we enter the market as the modern solution for Executive Assistants, we took the opportunity to give our brand a refresh. Our updated website shares our company’s diverse service offerings, technology capabilities, and community for EAs looking to share and grow alongside others in the same space. I hope you’ll take a look and see how our platform, career services, and community all work seamlessly together to create efficiency, excellence, and connection for assistants. 

I couldn’t be more proud of where we are today, and I’m even more excited about what’s on the horizon. 

The future of work for Base 

Base was built by assistants, for assistants. When I think about the future of Base, “bold” is the word I choose to describe what we’re going to be and how we’re going to get there. We’ll never stop digitizing and modernizing this space because Executive Assistants will never stop being problem solvers and strategic business partners. EAs are instrumental to the growth of the world’s leading companies, startups, and everything in between – and Base is their support system.

With this merger and rebrand, Base is disrupting the EA industry, from how people become EAs to how leaders and companies embrace the essential role of the assistant into the fabric of their culture. Join us as we define and create the future of work for assistants around the world. Get a demo of our Base software, join our EA talent pool, or find EA support for your work as a business leader.

Press Release: Base HQ Shapes Future of Work, Creates Modern Solutions for Executive Assistants

Written by Paige McPheely

Paige is Base’s Founder and CEO. Supported by a team of dreamers, doers and thinkers, Paige is making her long-term vision of equipping leaders with excellent, affordable and scalable assistant support a reality. With the largest pool of EA talent in the world and the very first platform built for EAs, she is committed to matching leaders with strategic, high-impact, tech-enabled assistants to meet their unique business needs. Paige believes in empowering assistants to lead more impactful careers by equipping them with top tier tools and training from Base.