AI & Executive Assistants: Why Humans are Here to Stay

AI is going to replace all assistants. 

EAs cannot compete with AI.

I am hearing comments like these with increasing consistency but I couldn’t disagree more. 

To be clear, I’m a big fan of AI and regularly lean on it. The advancements are astonishing and yet we’re still in the early stages. It’s hard to truly grasp the potential, and yet I am a firm believer that the human assistant isn’t going anywhere. 


Humans have an intrinsic need to be seen and valued. We need to be known and we require connection. Without these things, we whither…forget about thriving. I’ve always maintained that the role of the Executive Assistant is the most intimate professional role in existence. By definition, they support our intrinsic human needs. These individuals are second brains and invaluable thought partners. They are often emotional sounding boards and carry tremendous amounts of insight and context (which is often confidential).They provide support in so many ways beyond task management. 

In today’s world, AI assistants don’t stack up in a number of critical ways; EQ, adapting to complex situations or challenges, inclusion of morality, etc. Regardless of the increasing abilities of AI, human leaders will always desire human support and connection.

What’s the answer?

The future of work demands a tech-enabled workforce. The EAs who survive and thrive in tomorrow’s landscape dive headfirst into developing technologies and use it to their advantage. They supercharge their productivity by giving themselves their own AI assistant. They amplify their overall impact by increasing their own leverage. 

They become the solution to organizations who don’t know how and where to implement new tools and tech-enable their operations. 

This is why we set out to build the world’s first purpose-built platform for assistants in 2018 and why we show up to work every day. These are the criteria we use to hire and place hundreds of EAs every year. The future of work has arrived and those who find a way to amplify their impact through tech are the stars of tomorrow.


Remember, at Base, we specialize in matching leaders with strategic, tech-enabled EAs who are not just skilled but also perfectly aligned with your unique business needs.

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Written by Paige McPheely

Paige is Base’s Founder and CEO. Supported by a team of dreamers, doers and thinkers, Paige is making her long-term vision of equipping leaders with excellent, affordable and scalable assistant support a reality. With the largest pool of EA talent in the world and the very first platform built for EAs, she is committed to matching leaders with strategic, high-impact, tech-enabled assistants to meet their unique business needs. Paige believes in empowering assistants to lead more impactful careers by equipping them with top tier tools and training from Base.