Productivity Tools for Executive Assistants: Time & Calendar Management

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When it comes to productivity tools for executive assistants, Base checks all the boxes. As an EA, you’re expected to work through every task thrown your way while also staying up-to-date and efficient 100% of the time. Easy right? Well—not exactly! It can be extremely challenging and flat-out exhausting to be “on” at all times. And while it’s your job to help others succeed, you shouldn’t forget to look out for your own success as well.  

This is where Base’s professional development for executive assistants comes in. When many EAs begin thinking about places they could improve their day-to-day, time management, and calendar management are among the first things that come to mind. And it makes complete sense. Every seasoned EA knows that the secret to rocking our jobs is maintaining an efficient executive calendar. 

Since it’s your job to make sure your executive is spending their days wisely, it’s beneficial to create executive assistant goals that revolve around improving overall productivity. Keep reading to learn how our executive assistant platform will help make calendar management and efficiency second nature.

Executive Assistant Time Management

When it comes to day-to-day time management for executive assistants, it’s important to remember the importance of intention. When approaching our days with intention, we have a set aim and plan for how we’ll be spending our time. This, in turn, helps make our days more manageable. 

Learning how to manage your time in a way that has a greater benefit to you: Not only does this allow you to have more organization, but it also works to increase your overall productivity and value. With so many noticeable benefits, time management is a great professional development goal for executive assistants to focus on. After all, we could all use some help managing our time a little better.

Base helps EAs effectively navigate their unique set of time management obstacles so they can conquer some of the chaos that comes with being an assistant. With that being said, as EAs ourselves, we understand that your time at work isn’t always your own. Time management for executive assistants is hugely dependent on having access to the proper tools and support to truly excel. 

You not only need a way to have your email, calendars, and files all in one place, you also need a single space to view and update meeting changes, agendas, and all the various other things that pop up throughout your day. That’s why we’ve created the first-ever, EA-focused platform to completely transform the way you manage your time. 

Our executive assistant software puts a minimum of  four hours (or more if you use our full suite of features) back into your workweek. Our solutions will have a positive impact on your time management day by day and also improve long-term time management as well. 

Executive Assistant Calendar Management 

At Base, we’re pros at optimizing calendars. In light of this, we’d be amiss not to share with you our go-to calendar management skills for executive assistants. The following are ways in which our EA software can make managing your executives’ jam-packed schedule a piece of cake: 

  • Calendar Integration: Once your executive’s calendar is integrated into Base, you’ll have the ability to create meeting notes, as well as drop events, files, attachments, and more into your Digest. This gives your executive a comprehensive view of everything they need in one, easy-to-access place. (Even better: Our calendaring feature, Scheduler, will be released this spring – get on the waitlist here and stay tuned!)
  • AI Automations: Sometimes, when you receive an email, all that’s required out of you is an acknowledgment and creation of an action item. When utilizing AI for calendar management, you can teach it to recognize these instances based on a keyword or phrase. Once the buzzword or phrase is stated, you can set it up to trigger an automated response and task in your chosen management platform.
  • Template Scheduling: For many EAs, scheduling meetings for your executive takes up a large portion of your day. While you can rely on automation for some of these tasks, there’s still that inevitable back-and-forth from time to time. Since you frequently use the same verbiage, it’s beneficial to make and schedule templates ahead of time. This way, you won’t have to retype them a million times.
  • Color Coding: This is one of the easiest executive assistant calendar management tips to stay organized and approach the week with more clarity. While it may seem basic, we’ve found that it really helps us visualize the week ahead and stay aligned with our different goals and priorities. However you choose to color code, this solution can help you maintain focus, stay on task, and keep work-related anxiety in check.

The Best Platform for Executive Assistants

The Base platform is redefining productivity for EAs, as we’re the very first to create executive assistant software made for the way assistants actually work. When thinking about revamping productivity, up-skilling your time and email management are integral to making the most of you and your executives’ valuable time.

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