Base Holiday Fundraiser for Nonprofit Preemptive Love

Holiday season is here, and while everyone is scrambling to give the perfect gift, our team at Base wishes to highlight a certain charitable non-profit for consideration. Preemptive Love is a wonderful organization committed to “unmaking violence”. And consequently, while the effort to provide relief to the places and countries in need cannot squash the cost of war, it will begin to heal its burden, and that’s what Preemptive Love is all about.

We’re proud to support Preemptive Love in their commitment to “showing up and growing their presence” in places where the situation is volatile and complicated. For the children in Syria, who didn’t start a war but inherited its grief, for the babies in Iraq whose hearts struggle to beat, for the starving in Venezuela, for the citizens in Beirut, Lebanon whose homes were destroyed in the devastating August 4th, 2020 explosion, and of course for many, many, more.

Base champions the help and hope Preemptive Love gives war-torn communities. In assessing the individual nuances of each situation and the need of every place they station, Preemptive Love is able to create trust and harmony among those unfortunately affected.

Here are some of the amazing causes your donation goes towards.

Which is why we ask our loving community of patrons at Base to donate to Preemptive Love, especially in the name of holiday spirit. Not to sound corny, but isn’t that the true meaning of the holidays? Your donation could help build a home, feed a child, provide medical care, and could even help create jobs and continual participation in the advancement of peacemaking.

If you’re able, donate to our fundraiser here, where we are matching up to $500 for Preemptive Love.

Your impact in making this world a little better than we found it can continue here. None of this work is possible without the amazing generosity and will of us all. The Base Team wishes you and yours a happy holiday season and asks you to donate to Preemptive Love, where “war doesn’t stand a chance.”


About the Author

Paige McPheely

Paige McPheely

Paige is Base's Founder and CEO. Through years of working with EAs, Paige has seen first hand the pain points support professionals face in their daily work – inadequate technology, manual processes, communication inefficiencies, and more. With the help of Base, she hopes to transform the way the world perceives giving and receiving help.