Download: The 2020 Executive Assistant Survey

When we surveyed over 300 assistants for our 2020 Executive Assistant Survey, it was before the coronavirus pandemic. Since that time, we’ve been working hard on providing tools and resources assistants need to be successful in this new world we’re all living in. 

Most assistants are still working remotely, and some still have little ones at home. When evaluating the data from our survey, we knew in order for it to be valuable to the professional assistant community, we had to interpret it for what it means in today’s world—right now.  In the survey you’ll see how assistants are adapting to a post-COVID-19 world and methods they’re using to be successful. 

Here are some of the survey highlights:

  • Goal-setting is directly tied to assistants’ happiness and productivity 
  • Assistants who have a regular digest cadence are happier, more effective, and less stressed.
  • EAs who receive regular feedback are more likely to be happy in their role, to feel more effective, and be more proactive.

It was overwhelmingly clear that assistants who have a regular digest cadence were happier and more productive all around. You can create a digest built specifically for how you work with your executive(s) in our tool today.  33Vincent EA Leah Pallant put 4+ hours back into her work week using our Digest feature. You can use her tips to enhance how you use Digest today!

Download the survey here.

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About Base: Base supports the core responsibilities of an EA while accommodating the unique work style of executives. Within Base, assistants are handed the tools of elite EAs: clear and relevant updates through digests customized to your exec, the simplest way to get your revolving list of questions answered, comprehensive preference and critical information storage, and streamlined reporting that removes the hours spent creating reports down to minutes. Find more Executive-EA resources here.

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Bryn Smith

Bryn Smith

Bryn is Digital Marketing Manager at Base, where she helps serve the assistant community through virtual events, social media, and more.